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Lets get positive, third time lucky!!

So with lots of help from Melanie Brown and Jonathan Ramsay we embarked on the next part of our journey. We both decided to start having accupunture every 2 weeks with Inga at the London Accupunture Clinic, to increase fertility and help with our stress levels.

Inga is another person I would highly recommend, I come out after a session feeling really chilled out and relaxed. She has also been our emotional rock at times helping us though the second failed IVF cycle and what would eventually be a miscarriage later in 2019.

My wife and I put all of our energy into our diet and getting fit. During November and December I found myself at the gym at least 6 days a week, my wife was going twice most days and I could feel the weight dropping off. My wife lost about 2 stone very quickly, but i have always struggled with my wieght so it was slower for me. By March she had lost 3 stone and I had lost about 1.5 stone, whilst building up some nice lean muscle. I am so proud of my wife, she was and always will beautiful to me, but after loosing 3 stone....wowzers!! . My BMI was in the "Normal" range for the first time since I was born i think!.

With the extra supplements and tests Jonathan Ramsay was helping me with i felt we were going in a very good direction. One of these tests was for DNA fragmentation. I had a test for DNA frag on my first visit to him and these results were very bad. The results after the lastest itest in February were much better.

We had carried on using the BBT thermometer and the Fertility Friend mobile app to aid in timing our sex romantic, but in April we had a major shock!!.

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