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Hello, I am the hopeful father!

I am the average guy next door.  I am in my mid 30's, have a normal office type job, I'm a little overweight, I like a drink of red wine at the weekend, I love chocolate and a curry, I love my wife but I currently have an issue......I am infertile.

After trying for a baby for about 4 years solidly my wife "ordered" me to get some tests done and we found out my little swimmers were down on numbers, some were swimming backwards, some were falling apart and some were plain lazy!


This website will explain my story, from the very lows to the very highs and hopefully the very happy ending of a baby. 

I have created this space for people who are struggling, as I have done through the hard times.  I am hoping I can help others in the same situation, especially the men who fail to talk about their issues and bottle everything up.  I bottled up everything at the start and have been on the verge of a breakdown many times, it was only help from my wife and friends that has got me through.

You will find links to websites I have used, medical specialists and experts that I would highly recommend.  

My story is not over yet and the journey is ongoing, but I am on the right path now thanks to the help of some amazing people.

  My test results have shown a massive improvement over the last year and I now want to help other people.

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