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In this section you will find the specialists who have helped us in our journey, they are all experts in their field and I would highly recommend seeing them all BEFORE embarking on any IVF treatments.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people below who have changed our lives, you are amazing people and without you we would not be where we are today

Dr Jonathan Ramsay

Dr Ramsay has been a consultant urologist for over 30 years.  His approach to male infertility, finding out the root cause and providing answers is nothing short of amazing. 

After the initial basic sperm tests that had been recommended by my GP, Dr Ramsay recommended various other specialised tests to gain a better understanding of my issues.

He is an expert in male factor infertility and Dr Ramsay is able to recommend treatments to assist you and if required he can carry out the necessary surgery.

I could not recommend him strongly enough, he has a lovely manner, very personable, caring and is very positive, just what you need when you feel at your lowest.  From a male perspective, we just want answers and possible solutions to problems, Dr Ramsay gave me these answers.


You can find Dr Ramsay at

Melanie Brown

Melanie is a nutritional therapist who specialises in helping couples trying to conceive. 

Melanie completely changed our whole outlook on food and nutrition, we thought we were generally doing a good job and were taking all the right supplements, but she gave us a plan with all of the right things we needed.  The plans are tailored to the individuals and changed at various stages along your IVF journey.  

Having a session with Melanie is like having a chat with a old friend, she is very easy to talk to.  I would recommend seeing her as soon as you think about IVF.  With her help the male factor may become less of an issue and if there is a female factor she has plans to help this also.

As an aside my wife has lost close to 4 stone in weight and her fat mass has changed dramatically.  I have lost over 1 stone in weight and my fat mass has dropped also.  This has been helped by more trips to the gym, but is mostly down to Melanie's plans and assistance.

Melanie has an amazing website and is very vocal on Instagram, so please visit her website/Instagram pages for recipe ideas and lots more!.

The London Acupuncture Clinic

My wife started acupuncture at this clinic just after our first IVF cycle and there was a massive change in her stress levels after she started attending regularly.  I decided to try it myself before our second cycle to see if it helped with my infertility and to also see if it helped with my stress levels and I must say that I was amazed.  

All of the staff there are so welcoming and I have had sessions with many of the practitioners.

I mostly use the sessions to have a good sleep and come out feeling revived, in a world that moves too fast this is my "Zen" place and I look forward to my sessions there.

The clinic also offers fertility massages and access to Chinese herbal medicine.

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