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The journey starts.....

So our story really began a couple of years ago. We realised that something was wrong when my wife had not fallen pregnant after trying for a few years. She nagged me enough to go to the docs and to get checked after we found out that everything on her side was ok. This was the mistake I think all couples wrongly make, we thought the issue was going to be with her but it was in fact me that was the problem.

After going to see my GP she recommended a visit to the sperm clinic. Oh what fun that was, in a dingy hospital basement, some 1980's porn magazines and a little pot - is this what my life had come to?!?. It was all for a good cause, so after letting go of some of my good swimmers who would never get a chance to be daddies now, I went home thinking the results wouldn't be too bad. I had never had any medical issues, I was generally fit and healthy, so what could go wrong?......the wait for the results was torture........

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