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My First Post.....its going to be messy!!

Hello all, this is my first post, so please be nice.....more will follow when I actually learn how to use this bloody thing.

This website/blog thingy is my way of dealing with the infertility journey that I have been on over the last few years. I want to say a massive thank you first of all to my best friend and rock though all of this my amazing wife.

There has also been a few friends and work colleagues, you know who you special people are, who have been absolute legends throughout all of this. You have dealt with my mood swings, tears and some joys throughout the thanks go to you too.

I am sorry for any spelling and grammatical errors, I am not a journalist and I don't have a degree in the English language.

I am also not a doctor and I have no medical training. All of the views I share here are my own, please seek professional medical advice before taking any supplements I might talk about or recommend.

Take care for now :-)

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