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It started with the "Book"

So "THE" IVF book arrived, "It started with the egg". My wife speedily red her chapters, ordering various new supplements after almost every page it seemed - a new drug turned up everyday at home. Once she put it down it was my turn and again the Amazon order list went on and on and on. I do think IVF has made me Jeff Bezo's number 1 client!!

Don't get me wrong the book was very insightful, but a lot of the stuff was general IVF "knowledge". We brought a daily box and filled it with our new hopes, sorry, pills.

The fitness regime also started ramping up. We took about 9 months between our first and second cycle for many reasons. For the supplements to start working, for our health to improve and also to save up the money again. The 1st cycle had probably cost around £15k.

We started to really think about a second cycle about 7 months after the 1st failed cycle. I again started some tests which came out not much better than the first time around, but neither the GP or the IVF clinic said this would be an issue, just saying to "go again". You put your trust in these professionals and just believe what they say will be right. I think at this stage my count was still around the 0.5 million mark with a volume that wouldn't fill a spoon, not great at all.

We did feel a lot more prepared this time though and our physical fitness had improved so maybe that would help. We were aware of the amount of drugs the Wife would need and the amount of needles she would need to endure.

But were we mentally prepared for another failure?

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